• Genre: Documentary
  • Duration: 58 min
  • A film by: Matthew D’Arcy
  • Producer: Erik Pauser / Dylan Williams
  • Editor: Matt D´Arcy
  • Completion: 14 june 2016
  • With Support From: SVT, SFI, EU Creative Europe

STORYBOARD P – A stranger in Sweden

Storyboard P glides smoothly through the snow, carving shapes with his slender limbs. Though he has been sleeping rough in Stockholm for a while now, he is still flush with self-belief. “My vision takes it to an art level,” the Brooklyn native asserts. Will the talented dancer finally get his break? Director Matthew D’Arcy chronicles Storyboard’s early steps towards international stardom.

Premiere 1 July SVT K-Special

Exclusive preview screening at Bio Rio 14 June 19:30 Click here to participate in the screening

Palme hemliga agent
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Duration: 58 min
  • A film by: Bengt Nilsson / Dylan Williams / Erik Pauser
  • Producer: Erik Pauser / Dylan Williams
  • Editor: Matt D´Arcy
  • Completion: 1 October 2015
  • With Support From: SVT, SFI


Swedish title “Palmes hemliga agent”

At the height of the cold war a struggle broke out between Governments from all over the world as to which position to take about the system of apartheid in South Africa. Leading the fight was Olof Palmes’ Swedish Government, which covertly funneled over US$ 1 billion (corresponding to the present day rate) to the resistance movement. This money was given without the knowledge of either the Parliament or the Swedish populace. At the center of the net in South Africa was a Swedish diplomat called Birgitta Karlström Dorph.

Meanwhile at the UN the Swedes with their Scandinavian counterparts attempted to win the argument for economic sanctions. This led to bitter arguments which saw Palme leading the fight against the Reagen and Thatcher administrations.

Premiere 1 October SVT2

Palme´s secret agent on SVT Play

Maskinen poster
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Duration: 58 min
  • Director: Erik Pauser
  • Producer: Erik Pauser / Dylan Williams
  • Director of photography: Lars Tunbjörk
  • Completion: September 2013
  • With Support From: SVT and Swedish Film Institute


Swedish title “Maskinen”

A few years ago Johan Jönson wrote the acclaimed book ‘Efter arbetsschema’. A 800-page tomb of poetic confession, diary and contemporary reflection. Since then, he has written two poetry books, both of which were over 1000 pages each, and has been called one of Sweden’s most important working-class poets. Johan Jonson writes extremely frankly about himself as well about the people he meets. Jönson does not hold back from communicating thoughts of violence and self-loathing that pass through his brain. He has been described as having ‘a twisted and brutal sense of humor’.

Johan Jönson won Aftonbladet’s Literature Prize in 2008 and was nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize in 2009. His subsequent book ‘Livsdikt'(2010) received considerable attention and was nominated for the prestigious August Prize. In January 2012, he published his latest book – the 1200 pages long ‘’.

THE MACHINE premiered 27 september 2013 at Moderna Museet Stockholm

Litteraturhuset Göteborg, 12 nov.

It was shown in Swedish television, SVT K-special 6 dec

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Duration: 72 min
  • Director: Dylan Williams
  • Producer: Erik Pauser
  • Completion: October 2012
  • With Support From: SVT


Swedish title “Smittad — När HIV kom till Sverige”

As the HIV epidemic spread around the world in the early 1980′s panic broke out. In Sweden alone newspapers predicted that over a million people would die before the year 2000. HIV patients were often kept under lock and key as authorities struggled to know what to do and the public in general believed anything they heard. Using unique and often very telling archive material, this film will weave the compelling and emotive stories of people whose lives were changed forever by the ‘virus from hell’.

As we look into the not so distant past and observe the reflex actions of our society when under threat, this film asks what we have learnt from our experience and whether it will allow us to deal with the next crisis differently?

Svensk dokumentär från 2012. Sverige på 80-talet. Yuppien hade sett dagens ljus, vi bar axelvaddar och tränade aerobics. Gayrörelsen var på frammarsch och utelivet hade börjat blomstra. Men det mullrade i bakgrunden. Ett dittills okänt dödligt virus spreds bland homosexuella män och läkarvetenskapen stod handfallen. I dokumentären varvas unikt arkivmaterial med röster från de som var med under den första tiden när hiv kom till Sverige.

Premier SVT 1 October 29 at 9 pm.

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Duration: 58′
  • Director: Maria Ramström
  • Producer: Erik Pauser / Dylan Williams / Peter Wintonick
  • Completion: 2012
  • Co-Production: SVT, Necessary Illusions
  • With Support from: SVT, YLE, SFI, EU MEDIA, Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse


Maneuvers in the Dark is the story of how three young Swedish entrepreneurs manage to sneak through the backdoor of North Korea in an attempt to produce jeans in the country, and of the spiraling repercussions that follow as they begin to trade with the worlds most sealed dictatorship.
Directors statement:

“Trade as a means of creating democracy, sounds like a good idea. But is my purchase of a garment produced in a dictatorship ethically correct? Maybe. One thing is for sure, many more and substantially larger companies than those we meet in this film guarantee just that ­ ethical production in non-democratic countries. To look at the implications of this is the basis for this film about a production line in a closed dictatorship”.
Maria Ramström Stockholm January 2012

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Duration: 58’72
  • Director: Håkan Pieniowsky / Kåge Johnsson
  • Producer: Dylan Williams
  • Completion: 2012
  • Co-Production: Brandlkipparen
  • With Support from: SVT, NRK, YLE (FST), SFI, EU MEDIA
  • Film Festivals: GIFF, Tempo


Swedish title “Vi som älskade”

Once There Was Love is a powerful dark biopic of a one-time middle class Russian family whose life is slowly coming apart at the edges. Covering the 12 years since the birth of baby Nadja, this follow up to the Prix D’Italia winner ‘I Love you Natasja’ offers a dramatic and uniquely intimate portrait of an incredible modern day odyssey undertaken by a family in a small town in Russia.

Nominated for Best European TV Documentary – Prix Europa

Special mention – Prix D´Italia

Best SVT Documentary – SVT Ikaros Price

Best film – Vera Film Festival

Estonian People´s Award – Pärnu International Film Festival

Dragon award nominee – Göteborg Film Festival

Honorable mention – Tarkovsky Film Festival, Ivanovo

Best Documentary – Art Doc Fest, Moscow

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Duration: 58′ / 72′
  • Director: Dylan Williams
  • Producer: Erik Pauser / Al Morrow
  • Completion: Autumn 2009
  • With Support From: BBC Storyville, SVT, VPRO, YLE (FST),
    Fox-Italia, Yes-TV


Swedish title “Män som simmar”

Men Who Swim is a humorous and poignant look at a group of middle aged men who have found unlikely success as members of Sweden’s all male synchronised swimming team. What began as a weekly escape from the daily grind of work and family responsibilities, soon evolved into a more serious commitment. Inspired by classical Esther Williams’ techniques from the 1950s, this group of train drivers and meat buyers, of archivists and teachers soon became passionate exponents of the sport. Now, the team has been unexpectedly invited to next years Male World Synchronised Swimming Championships in Milan, and between now and April 2009 they will need to prepare a winning 12 minute routine that will be marked on artistic and technical ability.
Download synopisis: Men Who Swim Together.

DVD now available.

Nominated for the Grierson Award ­ Most Entertaining Documentary

Audience prize – Supetar Film Festival, Croatia

Audience prize – AFI-Silverdocs, Washington

Best sound – Los Angeles International Film Festival

Best film – (3rd Place) at Los Angeles International Film Festival

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Duration: 58′ / 75′
  • Director: Erik Pauser
  • Producer: Erik Pauser / Dylan Williams
  • Completion: Spring 2009
  • With Support From: SVT, YLE, DR2, SFI,
    The Swedish Arts Grants Committee


Over five million Vietnamese died in what one side calls the American War and the other side calls the Vietnam War. A war so brutal, that it has been described as their ‘own’ Third World War by the Vietnamese. The core of this film is to investigate the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese who fought in that war. How did they sustain their morale in the face of such overwhelming odds? What did they believe in? How do they look at the war now? The film premiered in competition at IDFA 2009 . The Face of the Enemy and the adjoining installation were shown first as a soloshow at Norrköping art museum 2010 and in Gothenburg at Angered cultural house in the beginning of 2011.
Download synopsis: The Face of the Enemy.

DVD now available.

  • Genre: Arts
  • Duration: 52 min / 85 min
  • Director: Lars Siltberg
  • Producer: Erik Pauser
  • Completed: Autumn 2008
  • With Support From: SVT, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee
  • Link: The Holocene Project


A film concert by author Majgull Axelsson, composer Jonas Bohlin and video artist Lars Siltberg. With Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, choir and solo singer. Conducted by Esa-Pekka Salonen.